How do we make it

Everything we do, we do it by hand: design, cutting, sanding, painting, construction.

I am painter and designer by education.

We started small in 1996, with only one – crown it was – bed design that we started to produce.

Over the years our lineup expanded to seven styles and more than 70 unique design pieces – children beds, closets, bureaus, chairs, tables, etc.

In 20 years we have gained a lot of experience and got a lot of new tools, but our process is still very much hand building, just as when we started.

A complete bed takes over a day for one of our craftsmen to draw, cut, sand and paint. We acrually paind in two days, as we paint in two layers, with each layer requiring a day to properly dry up.

All my projects have a unique design – there is no similar furniture anywhere else in the world.

And kids and parents just love them. They are not boring, not mass-produced, and they completely change the room once installed.

Because we control the whole process, we can customize everything. Most often it is the special colors that our customers want to use to suit their walls and floors or decorations in the kids rooms. But we can also hand-craft a lot of other elements.

Our partners

We cooperate extensively with Arhnem-area artists, who help us further customize our furniture pieces

I work with many talented artists. Manon Elmendrop is one of them. She produces colorful, custom-made pieces for our furniture.

You can visit her on her website or Instagram

and check out all those wonderful Dodo birds, elephans, giraffes, dolfins, flowers and everything else. The colors are dazzling. We wish every one of our pieces was customized by Manon :).

If you like any of the design pieces on Manon’s websites, you can either purchase them directly for your kids room, or if you want integrate it into the furniture design, give us a call, and we will work it out.

Over time Manon designed for us head pieces, special one-off mini-sculptures, painted our beds with unique patterns and did many other wonderful things.

If you want to discuss some unique customization with Manon artwork, please give us a call.

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