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CHARLEY stars-themed child bed 90×170

Dimensions 180 × 95 × 120 cm

 399  349 Dit bedrag is incl. BTW

Kids bed CHARLEY is a wonderful star-styled children bed for girls and boys. It is simple, stylish and absolutely unique. We can produce these beds in any colors, although majority of our customers order them white, light-gray, roze, blue or a combination of those colors.

This children bed is frequently ordered with a large drawer that can help you collect all the kids toys and cloths and keep the room tidy. You can also order a drawer matras, which will effectively make this a double-decker bed for families with two kids or with frequent guests.

The best has cut-through stars that create a flight effect, and let the back walls and wall-papers to be seen through. We can also add some LED lighting to the bed, serving to create a wonderful night view in the room.

We can tell you from experience, your kid will love their new star-bed.


These kids beds are typically ordered with a cold foam 90 x 170 x 14 mattress that provides medium hardness, wonderful support and long-term usage quality.

The cover is stain-resistant, and can be removed and washed.

You will have absolutely no issues with this mattress.


Different from our STERRE line, this children beds have vertical sizes, and therefore they have more compact external dimensions (190 x 105 x 120) compared to regular STERRE (243 x 105 x 120) that will fit better in tighter places, while retaining the bed’s matras size at 90×200.

We also have a bigger CHARLEY, at 90×200 size, which is slightly larger, but still is a very compact bed.

Production and safety

We hand build our CHARLEYS from start to finish in our small factory in Heteren, Netherlands, for more than 20 years.

The bed is made from high-density wooden board (MDF), and painted in two layers of scratch-resistant water-based acrillic paint.

All pointy parts are child-proofed with solid-wood balls. With over 20 years of producing this bed, we have had precizely zero quality complaints.


With more than 20 years of building wildkidzz beds we guarantee:

  • 100% satisfaction with our product.
  • Hand build quality, individual inspection of every piece, everything produced in Heteren, Netherlands in our factory.
  • Total quality assurance. If anything fails or not to your liking – we will fix, replace or return the money, no questions asked.
  • Extensive color customization.
  • Free delivery in Netherlands, EUR 20 delivery in Belgium.
  • Delivery to other EU countries is charged according to post/transport costs.

To complement your order, please consider other furniture on our site. We build them in seven main styles: hearts, stars, crowns, waves, princess, castle and traveller. When ordering a furniture set, you can benefit from 10% discounts on any closets and 15% discounts on any other furniture.

If you like what you see, please consider the options for this bed below.

We are always here to answer any of your questions! Please do not hesitate to call or write any time.


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More Information

Production and delivery

  • We produce and deliver our beds within 1-2 weeks after ordering in Netherlands
  • International delivery will depend on the transport speed to your destination.

Additional information

If you need additional information please do not hesitate to call (we speak Dutch, English, German and French) or write to

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